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6th-12th Grade

Our Mission: Growing with God among friends. 

Our Vision: Everyone with a friend, everyone with a place.


"Lately I don't even know why I post. It brings me so little satisfaction."

Those were her words exactly.

We were talking about how our lives are a constant process of sorting. 

1. Look at what's in front of you through Jesus' eyes

2. Decide what's the worlds and what's God's

3. Give to the world what belongs to it, and give to God what is God's

How far would you be willing to take this? Would you be willing to delete your entire account? 

What about academics?

What about sports?

Can you participate without being completely drawn over the line? How do you set limits? 

Everything in the world is happening on two levels. This Christmas season, let the world keep what's theirs. Give God what's his. 

This week: 12/11

Coming up this week, we'll be reading the classic story, "The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey."

Bring a blanket and curl up for story time! Join us for a moving tale of the spirit and generosity all people hold in their hearts, especially during Christmas. Looking through the lens of Jesus, our discussion time will explore themes of  pain and loss, made whole through love and caring. 

Romans 5:8

Leader notes available HERE

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On the Menu: Grilled Cheese and Tots

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The Mission is Going to Costa Rica

Southridge has partnered with the Weesies family and Pura Vida Missions to begin forming a 2023 International Mission Team - and you can join! 

Dates: July 16-24

Location: San Ramon, Costa Rica (and surrounding villages)

Registration Deadline: January 7th, 2023 (THIS JANUARY)

Cost: $1,700/person 

We believe this trip will be a life-changing opportunity for all involved.


We'll be staying with Pura Vida at their mission house in the city of San Ramon and traveling to surrounding villages to run Vacation Bible School for the children there. Anyone with a desire to share the love of Jesus can join our team!


We'll be putting together several fundraising opportunities as we build our team, the first of which will be a Fall Rummage Sale.  

We encourage all students to take part in this fundraising event, but particularly if you're interested in joining the 2023 International Mission Team. This is a huge opportunity to help build relationships with your future teammates while generating some serious revenue to aid with the cost of the trip.

For more info check our, or contact Staci Weesies @ 269-760-8559

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Benjamin Dykstra

Mission Director

Cell: 269-303-5229

Cori Headshot2.jpg

Cori Downey

Mission Coordinator

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