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Come as you are! We care about you and your walk with God and we are blessed to minister to people on every walk of life. Whether you’re single, married, young, seasoned, families with children to families with teenagers, at Southridge we offer incredible opportunities to engage and grow no matter where you fall on the spectrum. We want to be a part of that journey in any way we can! 


Worship is the fuel for discipleship! We believe in creating a throne of worship for God to rest upon when we meet, whether you join with us in person or online. We also believe that worship is as much personal as it is collective, so you will see people worshipping through singing, dancing, raising their hands, and praying. We invite you to worship how you feel comfortable. God loves it all!


We believe the Bible is God’s word to light our path. All our teaching, whether a Sunday sermon, a Podcast episode, Thrive Group studies or Children’s programming is rooted in scripture, even when the topics are uncomfortable. 

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