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6th-12th Grade

Our Mission: Growing with God among friends. 

Our Vision: Everyone with a friend, everyone with a place.

11-15-22 Video Update:


This past week we discussed the concept of being mindfully present in each moment of our lives. Jesus was present with people physically, mentally, and emotionally. His ability to be perfectly present is an example to follow. In Mark 10 Jesus said that children were very important, and that all of us should see his Kingdom through the eyes of a child.

What does this mean?

In discussion time some students identified an age (ranging from 8 to 13) when they became aware of the opinions and criticisms of other people. Students said they wished they could more easily turn off this voice in their heads because it causes unnecessary anxiety and stress. 

Students also shared about being anxious about things like upcoming tests. A test in 6th hour often means a day full of worry. 

Focus on being mindfully present in each moment. Children are most often joyful and carefree when they're actively engaged in play - imagining, pretending, building a story. In this zone, there's no stress, no worry, no fear. We can't always play, but we can try to be present in each moment, the way Jesus was. 

On the Menu: Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joe.jpeg

This Week: 

Coming up THIS SUNDAY Nov 20, we're starting out in the GYM! Wear clothes and shoes that are easy to move in. 


Our Message this week will be from Mathew 9:14-17. 

Jesus says there's no reason to fast when we're in his presence. 

He tells us he's not a patch to be put over old clothes. 

He tells us he's all new. 

Over and over, he makes us new as well.



If your students plan to help with rummage sale this week, you can wait until after the sale to pay any remaining balance (no later than 11/23). It's possible to raise the entire amount by fully participating in Rummage Sale!

Ice Camp Header.jpg

The Mission is Going to Costa Rica

Southridge has partnered with the Weesies family and Pura Vida Missions to begin forming a 2023 International Mission Team - and you can join! 

Dates: July 16-24

Location: San Ramon, Costa Rica (and surrounding villages)

Registration Deadline: January 7th, 2023 (THIS JANUARY)

Cost: $1,700/person 

We believe this trip will be a life-changing opportunity for all involved.


We'll be staying with Pura Vida at their mission house in the city of San Ramon and traveling to surrounding villages to run Vacation Bible School for the children there. Anyone with a desire to share the love of Jesus can join our team!


We'll be putting together several fundraising opportunities as we build our team, the first of which will be a Fall Rummage Sale.  

We encourage all students to take part in this fundraising event, but particularly if you're interested in joining the 2023 International Mission Team. This is a huge opportunity to help build relationships with your future teammates while generating some serious revenue to aid with the cost of the trip.

For more info check our, or contact Staci Weesies @ 269-760-8559

Rummage Sale 3 .png

A Super Easy Individual Fundraiser

Anne Buttery has gotten us set us up with a super easy and simple individual fundraiser to help students cover the costs of additional trips like Ice Camp, Bike Trip, and Missions.

1. Pick up a form the Mission (or contact Cori/Ben)

2. Offer pizza to friends and family through Nov. 20th

3. Raise a little dough!

Nobody you know likes pizza but they still want to help? They can donate the pizza back to us! 

Check your e-mail to sign up to host the lobby table and grab some sales on Sunday mornings!

Thank you Anne for helping us set this up!

Dough Raiser Hungry Howies The Mission Fundraiser.jpg

Mission Supplies

Thank you so much for your help to support our Sunday meals!  Drinks are what we go through the fastest.  If you are shopping at Sam's or Costco this week and are able to add a case of 8oz water bottles to your cart we would so appreciate it!!  Two liter bottles of pop/lemonade would be wonderful as well.

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Benjamin Dykstra

Mission Director

Cell: 269-303-5229

Cori Headshot2.jpg

Cori Downey

Mission Coordinator

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