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Experience encouragement through a growing relationship with God and each other

We are a community of believers committed to seeking God’s will for our lives, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, and serving in the Kingdom of God. 



Firmly rooted in scripture, the core beliefs of Southridge guide how we minister to and lead in our church. See how we view God, Jesus, the Bible and many more significant pieces of our faith.


Jesus is the center.

We love God and we love people. We are contributors not consumers. We bring people up to send people out. We have an attitude of gratitude.

If you are a newcomer we welcome you and hope you feel entirely at home.  Be sure and check out the Connection Central desk to learn more about Southridge.


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Habits of A Healthy Mind

     In a recent article TIME Magazine asks the question "Why Is Our Mental Health Getting Worse?" A variety of sources point to statistics that clearly show our country is facing a "mental health crisis." The struggle in this crisis is found in those who look completely healthy, yet are battling thoughts and feelings that are devastating. In this series we will study Biblical truths along with insights from mental-health professionals to create "Habits of a Healthy Mind."​

     April 14

"Dealing Honestly with Anxiety and Depression"

Philippians 4:4-6; Lamentations 3:1-20

We Share in the Lord's Supper

     April 21

"Silencing Negative Thoughts"

Romans 8:5-6; 1 Samuel 30:3-6

We Celebrate Infant Baptism

     April 28

"Healing From Trauma and Burnout"

2 Corinthians 12:9-10; 1 Kings 19:3-5

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