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6th-12th Grade

 Our Mission: Growing with God among friends. 

 Our Vision: Everyone with a friend, everyone with a place.

Week of 1/16/23

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Crazy Bread Guy. We've all been there. We've all seen it. We all harbor bitterness at times, and at times that bitterness is so strong it comes out in ways we don't understand. Have you been there? You have felt it yourself? Have you seen it in others?

Allow yourself some time to daydream:

Positive outcomes in which God is honored and people are at peace. 

More discussion questions here

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January 22nd - Movie Night!

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I changed my mind! It's the perfect time for this story to be told. 

Walt Disney told some truly great stories over the years. Movies that depict the age-old battles of good versus evil. In the spirit of our story series, join me for a tale of a young person becoming an adult and finding their place in the world. 

The darkness comes for each of us. The devil in the dark tunnel will lie until the bitter end. 

A message of hope and courage comes forth: "NOT THROUGH OUR LAND."

The heroes of our fathers will guide us.

See you there, normal time. 


Meet at church at 6:30pm.  We have several parents willing to carpool to camp. Please eat dinner beforehand. 

We return to Southridge about 11am Sunday. 

Pick up your students in the Oasis after church (normal Mission drop-off spot). 

On the Menu: Popcorn and Snacks!

Mission Needs:

Please consider adding an item below to your grocery list for Mission meals. Thank You!!

- 2L of pop or lemonade (we use 3 per week)

- Nabisco cookie variety packs (the ones with Oreos are the favorites)

- 8oz water bottles

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Benjamin Dykstra

Mission Director

Cell: 269-303-5229

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Cori Downey

Mission Coordinator

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