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6th-12th Grade

 Our Mission: Growing with God among friends. 

 Our Vision: Everyone with a friend, everyone with a place.

Welcome Back Students!

This Sunday we'll resume our regular Sunday night meetings. We're so excited to kick off the new year with you! 

We'll start with a mixer game, enjoy a meal of mac and cheese together, then move into worship, message, discussion, and free time. 

Our message this week is out of Mark 12:1-12. 

As I pulled up to the gate I could feel that something was off. I pressed the button and stared into the camera. It's Ben - from college? I want to talk to you guys. Can I come in? 

The gate swung open. Little did I know that just minutes later I'd be running for my life...

...aaaaand you'll have to come to youth group to hear the whole story. 

See you Sunday!

Leader Notes here

Movie Night This Wednesday @2pm in the Oasis

Movie: Princess Bride

Snacks: You bring em, and we'll raid the cabinet too!

Time: 2pm - 4:30pm

What else to bring: A blanket maybe? A giant pillow?

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Benjamin Dykstra

Mission Director

Cell: 269-303-5229

Cori Headshot2.jpg

Cori Downey

Mission Coordinator

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